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About Nick

Nick has been listening to 60’s music since the 90’s. He has had an affinity for music since he was a baby. He used to lie by the large speakers in the living room, listening with intensity as though he was trying to make sense of the emotion that the music made him feel.


It’s not surprising that he would grow to be a musician with a broad interest in many types of music. His influences include Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Beatles, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Jackson Brown, Cat Stevens, The Monkees, Ray LaMontagne, Mumford and Sons and Fleet Foxes, among others.

Being a musician allows him to express himself in a way that, often times, words alone cannot. His challenges through the years have been softened by the love of music and performing.
Nick performs often and also volunteers for Autism organizations such as Autism Speaks and The Miracle Project.  In 2011 Nick was asked to play for The Miracle Project's concert AUTISM IS AWESOMISM, where he performed "Helplessly Hoping" with Stephen Stills.  That was one of the very first songs Nick learned on guitar at age 11.  It seemed to be an experience that came full circle.

Again in April of 2013 Nick was selected to perform for The Light Up The Blues Concert through The Miracle Project, which was put on by Autism Speaks and hosted by rock legend Stephen Stills and his wife Kristen Stills. It was a star-studded event that Jack Black MC’d and included some of Nick’s musical heroes! Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, David Crosby and their amazing band, Chris Stills, Lucinda Williams, Rickie Lee Jones,  Ryan Adams, Don Felder, as well as actors Christina Applegate, Amy Brenneman, Paul Adelstein, David Marciano, Michael Chiklis and Max Burkholder from “Parenthood”.
Nick received great reviews from Fender Magazine and from the musicians themselves. One of the high lights was Graham Nash telling Nick he "F’ing rocked it" several times! He signed Nick's guitar “To my friend Nick, you sang great! Even Croz loved it!”  David Crosby’s wife commented in rehearsal that Nick sounded so much like David that she thought it was him singing. She said she never tells anyone that!

Nick continues to perform throughout California as well as Oregon.
Check out Nick’s calendar page to see where he’ll be next!



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